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Respect Contract And Re-Credit-- Guangdong Baineng Kitchen Cabinet

Good news! Baineng was awarded the title of “Respect contract and re-credit” in Guangdong Province. Baineng recognized as China's premier manufacturer of premium stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Recently, after a rigorous review, the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a list of companies in Guangdong Province for “Respect contract and re-credit” in 2017. With the good reputation of good faith management over the past 12 years, Guangdong Baineng Furniture won the “Respect contract and re-credit” company. title. We focus on R&D stainless steel kitchen cabinet all the time and we have became an influential stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

The “Respect contract and re-credit” publicity activities is the Guangdong Province Administration for Industry and Commerce to encourage enterprises to strengthen credit management, promote the construction of corporate credit in Guangdong Province, and create a harmonious and safe market trading environment. Modern style glass stainless steel wardrobe mainly used for indoor kitchen with advantage of water proof and mositure proof.Melamine series wooden kitchen cabinet is most cost-efficient and suit for most consumers. According to China's "General Principles of Civil Law" in the provisions of good faith Principles: According to the objective records of the company's performance, after strict assessment, the enterprises that have achieved the enterprise's performance credit level shall be recognized and publicized to the whole society. After the company has obtained this honor, it will enjoy 50 preferential measures from 16 administrative departments including industry and commerce, customs, taxation, inspection and quarantine, quality supervision, construction, agriculture, and science and technology.

Guangdong Baineng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was founded for 12 years and has always put credit construction and credit management first. It has long been committed to the construction of credit system and quality safety, and the products have won unanimous praise from customers. "Shou contract and re-credit" is a glory for Guangdong Baineng Furniture, and it is an intangible and invaluable asset. In the future development, Baineng Furniture will further improve its service quality, continue to maintain stable operations, perform on time, and be more honest and trustworthy, bringing better products and services to numerous customers.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

Companies participating in the "Respect contract, re-credit" publicity need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Obtain a business license and establish a full two years;

  2. Establish a contract management agency and contract management system, and improve the contract credit management system;

  3. The performance of the contract is in good condition. Except for the conditions stipulated by law, such as force majeure, breach of contract by the other party, or cancellation of the agreement between the parties, the contract performance rate is 100%;

  4. There are no records of serious violations of laws and regulations, which have not been listed in the "National Enterprise Credit Publicity System (Guangdong)-Abnormal Business Directory or List of Seriously Illegal Business Enterprises";

  5. The company has good business performance, and agrees that the supervisory authority will publicize the company's application for annual contract signing and performance, total assets or sales, etc. to the public on the weight-keeping publicity platform.

If you are looking for a unique and luxurious design, where every detail fits perfectly in the harmonic project of their own kitchen, but at the same time you ask for quality and care of the finishing. Baineng kitchen cabinet is your best choice. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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