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New Home Furnishings | Ithaca, Know Your Beauty!

Source: Baineng  Date: 12/13/2019

Every exquisite woman and man who pays attention to the quality of life has a dream of a walk-in closet. BainengHome Furnishings 2019 new light luxury windbreaker wardrobeIthacaknowsthe beauty of everyone.

stain steel cabinets ithaca

White door panel, elegant atmosphere

The overall white door panel design is elegant and atmosphere, with the light luxury style brushed nickel handles, which shows the elite temperament attributes. The space between the handles is reasonable, and the door opening and closing is easy and labor-saving.

steel base cabinets ithaca

The handle surface adopts a multi-layer oxidation process, which is not easy to fade and paint, and instantly injects a sense of high-quality into the cloakroom, making the lives of elite men and women full of expectations and surprises.

steel cabinet for kitchen ithaca

Functional partitioning, orderly storage

The L-shaped design of Pano Energy's light luxury wind cloakroom Ithaca has a sense of space. Designers design different storage spaces according to different needs, complete functional partitions, and complete storage systems, including long dress areas, short dress areas, pants rack areas, dressing areas, etc., glass cabinets, grid drawers, jewelry storage boxes, shelves, etc. Let different items find suitable accommodations, and make storage more orderly.

steel cabinet hardware ithaca

Jewelry storage cabinet: Classified storage and storage of jewelry, not crowded or confused, the division of labor is clear and precise.

steel corner cabinet ithaca

Functional rack: Hanging storage install on side cabinet, saving space,it also can store objects of different sizes.

steel kitchen cupboards prices ithaca

baineng steel cabinet ithaca

Dressing mirror: The design is reasonable and intimate. You can choose to wear clothes directly after makeup in the morning, and the good mood of the day starts from this moment.

steel outdoor cabinet ithaca

Glass cabinet door: Transparent glass door allows clothes to be seen in front of the eyes and enhances the noble texture of the cloakroom.

ss cabinet ithaca

Beautiful details, environmental protection and health

Good horses with good saddles, BENENG Furnishings has reached long-term strategic cooperation with international famous brands such as Austria Blum. Details determine perfection, high-quality hardware accessories, determine the texture and service life of the cloakroom.

baineng stainless cabinet ithaca

Blum hinge: at least 200,000 openings

ss cabinets ithaca

Built-in lights in the cabinet: easy access

stainless cabinet ithaca

In recent years, the issue of health and environmental protection has been a topic of great concern. For the sake of physical and mental health, it is wise to choose environmentally friendly and healthy household products. Ithaca uses healthy and environmentally-friendly materials, guarantees quality from the source, meets environmental protection standards, and can be used with confidence!

Water and moisture resistant, easy to clean

The dust on the door and cabinet can be refreshed by wiping with a cloth. The delicate material prevents water droplets in the air from condensing and is waterproof and moisture-proof.

ss cupboard ithaca

The Ithaca wardrobe uses novel materials, high-tech hardware pendants, and smart light and shadow principles in the home, allowing you to experience the charm it brings in the use experience. Ithaca reflects the sense of high fashion in life, awakening all your love and yearning for life.

 BENENG Furnishings from a stainless steel kitchen cabinet factory change to manufacturer stainless steel kitchen furniture, we hope that we can offer more environmentally friendly and healthy household products.

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