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Laser Stainless Steel Series

Baineng as top quality stainless steel kitchen cabinet dealer, we specialize in various stainless steel kitchen cabinets. European style interpretation, Roman columns, top lines, and many other elements, the European design style is integrated into product development design. Simple Europe is more atmospheric and closer to nature. The strongest impression of the Mediterranean style is that the natural color of the door panel has a romantic feeling. The unique Roman column-like decorative lines are simple and clear, revealing an ancient and romantic civilization. For the modern urbanites who are used to the city for a long time, it is in line with people's requirements for returning to the basics and higher quality of life.
Below are product features for reference:
1. Laser coating door panel is a laser effect obtained by dot matrix lithography and holographic image with rainbow dynamic and three-dimensional effect transferred to 304 stainless steel sheet.
2. Adhering to the two advantages of wood and steel, the application of laser technology will make our door panels never deform, never crack, perfect display of the combination of stainless steel and wood grain, so our products are safer, more durable;
3. The texture is beautiful, the touch surface has a good texture; the texture is solid, the structure is firm, the service life is long; suitable for any climate, no aging, no performance change;
4. In the case of sun, rain, dry and wet changes, no warping, no cracking; water, fire resistance; can resist the termites and sea larvae in different seas, very resistant to corrosion.
5. Ordinary wood cabinets can only achieve the effect of moisture, laser shadows with 100% waterproof performance, and stainless steel cabinets are the best choice for the whole cabinet.
Noble and luxurious is a symbol of the identity of a successful person; the texture is realistic and transparent, and the touch is very delicate, and the shape of the entire door panel is full and smooth. In the calmness, it reveals luxury and honor. This is what laser coating steel kitchen cabinet will bring for you.