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Lacquer Series

We only use water-based paint for lacquer door panel. The process of this door panel is MDF-cutting-engraving-grinding-1 layer primer-drying-grinding-2 layer primer-drying-grinding-3 layer primer-drying-grinding-1 layer paint-high temperature baking-water mill -2 layer paint - high temperature baking - water mill -3 layer paint - high-temperature baking - water mill - crystal paint - curing - polishing - into the warehouse - storage.
Below are product features for reference:
1. The surface is made of automobile baking varnish, with high finish and obvious mirror effect.
2. The substrate board adopts a solid density board which has been subjected to thermal expansion and contraction treatment (that is, a layer of imported waterproof paint is sprayed on the substrate, then the substrate is soaked in water, then dried, and repeatedly processed to the sheet to achieve the best. The stability of the energy, in the case of large changes in the temperature difference between the north and the south, even if the high cabinet door is made 1 meter long, there will be no deformation or uplift.
3. Each piece of baking varnish is baked at a high temperature of 180 degrees. Just like the ceramic products on the market, the higher the temperature, the higher the hardness of the ceramics. The effect is strong, the impact is strong, the color is pure, in the sunshine The phenomenon of discoloration is completely solved at high temperatures.
4. Each piece of baking varnish is processed in a dust-free space through 3 bottoms, 3 sides, 1 light and 23 lines, ensuring that the surface gloss and fineness of each piece of baking varnish are kept in an optimal state, and finely polished by polishing wax. The process makes the surface effect more clean and bright, and the mirror effect is stronger. Simply put, only the door panel produced in the dust-free space can guarantee the smoothness of the surface, and the surface is very flat, and the fullness of the door panel is better, round and transparent.
5. In order to prevent oxidation, the surface is made of imported crystal paint (PE paint), which completely separates air, impurities and paint surface, does not decolorize or discolor.