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Large Kitchen European Style Decoration Kitchen Cabinet Renderings

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:10/29/2018

Would you like know more European style decoration cabinet style? Modern kitchen cabinet factory-Baineng tell you some knowledge about large kitchen European style decoration kitchen cabinet renderings.

In the classic design style of French romanticism, the modern oriental elements are incorporated. The graceful and elegant decorative wall is matched with the natural fresh curtain color, which is warm and comfortable.


The luxurious European-style sofa in the hall gives people a distinguished feeling and a sense of stability. It shows the owner's noble status and is a symbol of the identity of a successful person.

decoration kitchen cabinet  one


The living room and the dining room are integrated, which not only expands the use area, but also ensures the indoor lighting. The white round table and the color of the sofa are matching perfectly, which is another way to set off the owner's elegant taste.

decoration kitchen cabinet  two


The kitchen exterior adopts the fashionable and concise white of the main color to space and is decorated with gold and gray in part. The distinguished design, exquisite craftsmanship and fine details to make the whole kitchen full and round. Delivering luxury and esteem.

decoration kitchen cabinet  three


Open kitchen with bar, making space look spacious and varied.

decoration kitchen cabinet  four


The simple straight line design, horizontal and vertical, reduces unnecessary decorative lines, thus creating an open visual space, and a modern feeling in the clean and neat.

decoration kitchen cabinet  five

The soft and luxurious European-style bed in the bedroom allows the owner to wash away the fatigue after work and enjoy the comfort and warmth of the home. With a decorative wall and a light metal finish, the combination of the two creates a modern, simple yet stylish look.


The TV in the room adds a lot of convenience and fun to the owner.

decoration kitchen cabinet  six

In the design of the elderly room, the style is simplified, and the dark curtains and the blue-green background will not only conform to the aesthetic concept of young people but also consider the nature of the elderly. It can be seen that the designer’s careful planning has such a pleasant atmosphere.

decoration kitchen cabinet  seven


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