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Local Chamber of Commerce Visiting China Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer-Baineng

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:10/18/2018

Baineng, as one of the professional china kitchen cabinet manufacturer , specialized in stainless steel kitchen cabinets,wooden kitchen cabinets,bedroom cabinet,wardrobe cabinet for decades. Many of related company or Chamber of Commerce has visited us to exchange ideas like the local Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou Zengcheng District. Follow Baineng, tell you some information.


10th August, the local Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou Zengcheng District came to our company for visiting our new showroom and discussing the future planning.

Baineng company


  Through this visit, members of the Chamber of Commerce have learned more about our company, which is specialized in the industry of stainless steel kitchen cabinet for 12 years, with our production scale bigger and bigger, production line and equipment more and more progressive, we have expanded our business line from only stainless steel kitchen cabinet to stainless steel wardrobe and bathroom cabinet included besides kitchen cabinet.



Our Chairman Mr.Hu, told all members that we have further upgraded our brand based on the continuous update of our product, craft and service. The style also has been changed a lot. As all know, stainless steel gives us a feeling of cold, but our professional designer team has realized different people from different areas and countries have different taste. Our stainless steel kitchen cabinet style is no longer only cold, but also simple fashionable, European and cozy, like the following designs in our new showroom.

fashionable kitchen cabinet

European kitchen cabinet


In the future, more new designs and styles will be updated, keeping pace with the times is our purpose. Are you interested? Just call us please for more detailed information.