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11, 2021
Stainless Steel Home Design Story丨Simplicity, Detail And Purity
Source:Baineng Date:11/05/2021Good home design is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a way of life. After a busy day, returning home, the pleasing home design can relieve the fatigue and boredom o...
10, 2021
Baineng Going To The World, Baineng Home Furniture Strength Appears At The 130th Canton Fair
Source: Baineng Date:10/22/2021Since its establishment in 1957, the Canton Fair has been held for 65 years. Witnessing the vigorous development of China’s foreign trade, it has built a stage for man...
09, 2021
Baineng Home Furniture Injects Environmental Protection And Health Into Every Process
Source:Baineng Date:09/18/2021The introduction of the aldehyde-free concept has become the trump card of the home furnishing brand in the market. When a home furnishing brand.
09, 2021
The 'Technical Regulations For The Application Of Household Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets' Was Reviewed And Passed In Beijing
Source:Baineng Date:09/11/2021On September 4, 2021, the Technical Regulations for the Application of Household Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets passed the review of the expert.
09, 2021
New Product Debut丨Guss Sandstone-Breaking Boundaries And Exploring Beauty
Source:Baineng Date:09/10/2021Life is endlessExplore borderlessBlockbuster of the Year-Gus SandstoneShocking debutFirst show infinite sceneryReshaping the boundary Gus Sandstone shocks the marketOn t...
09, 2021
Eco Platinum Series丨 The Ultimate Eco House
Source:Baineng Date:09/03/2021When stainless steel is given colorEverything seems to be quietCelebritiesReturn to pure and indifferent for youBuild the ultimate ecological homestainless steel kitchen...
08, 2021
Platinum 丨 Dream Angel White Home In Dreams
Source:Baineng Date:08/28/2021White dream homeFashion and simple collocationPlatinumShow you the world in fairy talesDream homeAngel white walks into the dream countryElegant angel whiteLike a fairyl...
08, 2021
Baineng Skin Sensation Series-The Incredible Beauty Of Touch
Source:Baineng Date:08/19/2021In the impetuous and complex city,everyone is eager to get peace of mind and body.Use pure color and touch to bring you back to the spiritual worldBaineng Skin Sensation...
08, 2021
How Bad Are These Small Kitchen Habits That Are So Accustomed To Health?
Source:Baineng Date:08/07/2021The kitchen is closely related to the health of the familyFood is food to safety firstHowever, some small habits that you may be accustomed toBut it will bring a lot of ...
07, 2021
Stainless Steel Home Furnishing Industry Is About To Detonate A 100 Billion Market
Source:Baineng Date:07/31/2021At the 23rd Guangzhou Construction Expo, many stainless steel home furnishing companies made their appearances, and the stainless steel home furnishing booths were full ...
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