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05, 2021
Do You Know Stainless Steel Wardrobe?
Source:Baineng Date:05/14/2021Do you know stainless steel wardrobe?Have you ever seen a wardrobe made of stainless steel? Now I will introduce the stainless steel wardrobe of Baineng, don't be sur...
05, 2021
Mu Shang Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Source:Baineng Date:05/05/2021Mu Shang stainless steel kitchen cabinet丨A romantic encounter between trend and technology Trends and TechnologyA pair of fascinating symbiosisMu Shang SeriesA romantic...
04, 2021
The 500 Strongest! Baineng Home Furniture Has Won This Heavy Honor!
Source: Baineng Date:04/28/2021The 500 strongest! Baineng Home Furniture has won this heavy honor!Recently, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce ...
04, 2021
Poke Open, This Is A
Source:Baineng Date:04/15/2021 Busy preparing meals for the family,This is a very warm and happy thing.But for 'kitchen noob',The kitchen is like a nightmare.Every time I enter the kitchen...
04, 2021
Ink Grey Kitchen Cabinet, When The Modern Encounter The Nature
Source:Baineng Date:04/07/2021Ink grey kitchen cabinet, when the modern encounter the natureInk grey, deep and elegant color, showing a strong texture, create a quiet and elegant atomosphere.Modern a...
03, 2021
The First Day At Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition, Baineng New Series Cabinets Ignited The Crowd!
Source:Baineng Date:03/27/2021The 10th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition was held today at the Poly World Trade Center as scheduled, with 700+ brands gathered and the 85000m² exhib...
03, 2021
Baineng's New Products In The Spring Of 2021
source:BainengDate:03/18/2021Baineng’s new products in the spring of 2021 结庐在人境,而无车马喧。问君何能尔,心远地自偏。采菊东篱下,悠然见南山。山气日夕佳,飞鸟相与还。此中有真意,欲辨已忘言。 ——饮酒·其...
03, 2021
The Southern Wind Weather Is Coming, So Please Go Through This Moisture-Proof Strategy!
Source:Baineng Date:03/12/2021The Southern Wind Weather is coming, so please go through this moisture-proof strategy!Just after the Insects Awaken, the thundering spring wakes up. Many cities in Chin...
02, 2021
Stainless Steel Custom Home Furniture Are The Choice Under The Return Of Rational Consumerism In The Post-Epidemic Era
Source:Baineng Date:02/04/2021Whether it is admitted or not, 2020 under the new crown epidemic is a year of demarcation significance. The epidemic and a variety of factors have caused tremendous chan...
01, 2021
Baineng's 2020 Memorabilia
Source:Baineng Date:01/05/2021In 2020, It is a year worth remembering. In this year, The new coronavirus affects people's hearts, The industry situation is ups and downs, Baineng people are alway...