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New Arrive Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet from Baineng -- Timely Snow

  • source:baineng
  • Date:09/24/2019

In the fast-paced, modern society, the simple and pure lifestyle is more desirable. The young people who have just formed a family want to have a warm and elegant kitchen space to enjoy the poetic time of one room, two people and three meals.


Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet 2019 new product [Timely snow] from super strength R & D team with original design innovation concept and present to the life aesthetics nanometer polycrystalline panel for you to create exclusive luxury life
Build-in kitchen appliances, smart kitchen hardware, and new technologies such as linkage baskets make it easy for you to have a good kitchen design.


The white tone is simple and pure, letting you fall in love at first sight
[Timely Snow] adopts nano-polycrystalline stainless steel door panel to configure the build-in steaming oven and BXP8342-L integrated sink white tone to make the overall design of the cabinet simple. The brushed stainless steel countertop adds a unique luxury charm to the modern family who wants to return to the essence of life.






Various storage designs to expand the kitchen space
The new product [Timely snow] stainless steel kitchen cabinets have a variety of built-in baskets and storage capacity to help you expand your kitchen space.




Design multi-layer stainless steel rack
Convenient to place a variety of cups and saucers and soft decorations to give you unlimited kitchen storage space


Simple and generous handleless, L-shaped layout improves efficiency
[Timely Snow] adopts the fashionable and hands-free design to satisfy people's pursuit of practicality and meet the expectations of high quality modern life.


L-shaped golden triangle partition layout
Make full use of ergonomic design, wash, cook, and store the perfect separation to make washing, cutting, and boiling