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PVC Series

PVC series kitchen cabinet with Classic style and many good looking appearance and colors.

The door panel process is PVC membrane mdf, the back side is melamine finish. The furface finish are matt with different colors, such as pure white and different wooden colors. Classic style is very popular in the decoration market. PVC series door panel can be made almost same as solid wood with good price.

Below are product features for reference:

1. The PVC board adopts medium-density board as the base material, the surface is flat and easy to make shape. It is formed by imported CNC numerical control engraving and boring and milling pattern. The pattern is various and has three-dimensional sense. The home decoration is European or rural style. General choice of plastic.

2, The surface of the plastic plate is positive and negative vacuum suction forming

3, PVC door panels are rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color monochrome, no cracking, no deformation, wear resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance, is the most mature cabinet material, and simple maintenance.

4. Since the four sides of the door panel can be sealed after being molded by the plastic molding, there is no need for edge sealing, which solves the problem that some plates are opened for a long time and is susceptible to water erosion.