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Modern stainless steel kitchen cabinet design with kitchen island

Modern stainless steel kitchen cabinet design with kitchen island

Carcass material: 0.6mm 304# stainless steel with Aluminum honey comb;
Door panel material: lacquer painting 18mm melamine board
Countertop: solid artficial quartz;
Size: can be custom
Color: many optionals
Hinge: blum clip on hinge
Drawer slider: blum coft closing slider
Packing: standard exported carton packing with foam and pearl wool protect, wood frame for big size package
Payment term: T/T 50% for deposit, the balance pay before delivery
Brand: Baineng
Warranty: 10 years warranty

products detail

Modern stainless steel kitchen cabinet design with kitchen island

Specifications of high gloss white kitchen:


Carcass 304# stainless steel with Alu. honey comb core
Door panel lacquer painting on MDF
Countertop artificial stone
Hinge blum clip on hinge
Drawer  stainless steel drawer with blum soft closing slider
Kick board 304# stainless steel kick board
Size can be customized
Color many options
MOQ 1 set for sample


Optional carcass material for modern high gloss white kitchen:


carcass material.jpg


Option 1 : E1 standard melamine faced particle board

Option 2: E1 standard plywood

Option 3: 304# stainless steel with Alu. honey comb


Optional colors for lacquer door panels:

lacquer door panel colors.jpg


Optional countertop material for new model kitchen cabinet :



Advantages of high gloss kitchen cabinet simple design:



 We have 8 main advantages of our stainless steel kitchen cabinets as below list:


1 we use health and environmentally friendly materials like stainless steel and aluminium, no formaldehyde
2 Professional R&D team custom art stainless steel kitchen cabinets
3 The material we use for carcass without any wood, total waterproof
4 All metal structure, extramly durable which will last 10 years at least
5 The sink and countertop weld together no seepage, no mold
6 Totally temite proof because of all metal stucture
7 acid and alkali resistant
8 integrated stainless steel countertop looks better than others


Company information

factory view 01.jpg




Baineng is one of leader of stainless steel kitchen cabinet factory with more than 13 years full experience for

manufacture stainless steel kitchen cabinets. We have a professional R&D team working on new products and keep improving

product performance to make sure our kitchen cabinets can meet different customers needs.

Currently Baineng has possessed a modern factory with over 1,000,000 square feet to meet the strong demand of oversea

and domestic market. To guarantee the goods we produced is in high quality standard, we have strict material selection system.

We have been exporting our products to over 100 countries and have been highly appreciated by customers for quality

products and professional services.

factory view 04.jpg


Independent workshop for each production process:

working processing.jpg

Step 1: All ss panel are butting by precise laser cutting machine;

Step 2: We have more than 15 pieces of bending machine to make sure larger production capacity;

Step 3: Special welding for side panel corner part by laser welding machine;

Step 4: Both stainless steel carcass and door panel are filling with Aluminium honey comb and fixed by Polyurethane glue;

Step 5: Before packing, we will do neccessory clean and inspect (size and appearance).


 The process of custom kitchen cabinet:


Step 1: Measure the kitchens and send us layout drawings or drafts

Step 2: We design a particular kitchen cabinet accordingly, both of AutoCAD

              drawings and 3D are available.

Step 3: Quote on your approved design drawings and modify accordingly if need;

Step 4: Sign contract and wait for the advance payment;

Step 5: Schedule the production against receiving full deposit;

Step 6: Inspect quality,measurements and so on, and arrange the balance;

Step 7: Pack and deliver the goods as per agreed way;

Step 8: Offer installation guidance and lifetime technical support after sales.


Packing and delivering: 

 packing and delivering.jpg


We offer sealed and secure packaging, to make sure kitchen cabinets not damaged

during shipment.

1. After the inspection qualified kitchen cabinets , they place foamed plastics at the bottom

   of the carton,prepare for panels packing.

2. And then, every panel in cartons is separately lined with EPE foams and air bubble films.

3. After finishing that, foamed plastics are placed at the top of carton to ensure that panels

   are wrapped very well.

4. On carcass packing, we packs them to a carton that is covered with wooden frames.This is

    particularly important for preventing carcass from breakage during shipment.

5. Afterwards, those cartons will be bound with rope externally.

6. In the end, pre-packaged cartons will be unloaded to warehouse waiting for shipment.



Modern and functional kitchen accessories: 

kitchen accessories.jpg

Stainless steel as a new type of household cabinet materials in the global market coverage is not large.We are facing global customer attraction, if you also want to walk into the stainless steel cabinet field, avoid the competitive disadvantage of traditional wooden cabinet, welcome to join us to create more wealth.

Baineng can provide a full set of shop opening services and processing services, a set of minimum order, one-stop service.For more details, please contact our salesman, we are available 24 hours a day.



Part 1: FAQ About Kitchen


Q1: What is your MOQ for kitchen cabinet ?
A1: Sample order is welcomed,means no MOQ request.

Q2: What is your kitchen price ?
A2: The prices display on ALIBABA is just a number which requested when post information,

         welcome to send us your plans or layout for getting final price.

Q3: May i have countertop with sink undermounted.
A3: Yes, of course! please contact our sales to tell your request.

Q4:Can I have kitchen assembled ?
A4: Yes, of course! please contact our sales to tell your request.

Q5: What's the size standard of your kitchen ?
A5: Usually kitchen can be with any customized sizes,we will adjust the sizes according to ergonomics and different market features,but most of our kitchens with following standard: base cabinet: any width*D570*H710mm,wall cabinet: any width*D350*H700mm.

Q6: What material you used for the kitchen ?
A6: We have large range of material selections depend on different model & style.      

Q7: What information do i need to design my kitchen ?
A7: the bottom line information must include the width & ceiling height of the kitchen room, the dimensions of windows or doors,type of gas supply,locations of water supply/drain lines and electrical outlets,and the direction of exhaust duct on existing range hood.If you have drawing of house already,please send it to us that will very helpful on kitchen design.

Q8: Do you have other products except kitchen ?
A8: Yes, we are a furniture manufacturer making full range of custom-made furnitures  which include kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and laundry,pantry,etc. that is a major component of what makes us a full service firm, it makes our clients very convenient.But it's also important to note that we don't require you to purchase all the furniture from us,you may shop other furniture from other companies except kitchen cabinet from us.



Part 2: FAQ About Delivery


Q9: How many days for delivery ?
A9: Please note the timeline may vary according to your choice of products and the final order quantity,

         here's a sample production time for illustration purposes only :

       Lacquer kitchens: 35days

       Melamine kitchen: 25days
       Acrylic kitchen: 25days
       PVC kitchen: 35days
       Solid wood kitchen: 30days


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You'll also want to look at the size of the cabinet that you're interested in. Make sure that you choose a cabinet that will fit the space in your kitchen. Again, if you can find a cabinet that fits your space and you feel comfortable using it, it's well worth the money.





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