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stainless steel kitchen cabinet
Fashionable stainless steel kitchen cabinet Model No. FS04 02
Fashionable stainless steel kitchen cabinet Model No. FS04 03
Fashionable stainless steel kitchen cabinet Model No. FS04 04
Fashionable stainless steel kitchen cabinet Model No. FS04 05

modern new model kitchen cabinet from stainless steel kitchen cabinet factory

products detail

Detail of modern new model kitchen cabinet:


304# Sanding Stainless Steel, mortise and tenon joint structure / plywood. Total waterproof, most durable, long lasting, termite protection.

Door panel Material

 304# stainless steel with aluminium honey comb


304# stainless steel with Aluminium honey comb


Blum clip top BLUMOTION / 304# Stainless Steel Kick Board

Optional Colors


Show you details of the stainless steel kitchen cabinet carcass:

stainless steel cabinet details



Avaliable materials


Base material

Other selection




18mm mdf

MFC, MDF,solid wood

and stainless steel

acrylic veneer

Modern or classic style


304 Stainless steel

MFC, plywood


Double side stainless steel

Back panel

304 Stainless steel





304 Stainless steel

Artificial quartz


Many different finishes


Handle, drawer, functional basket, waste bin, cutlery,etc..


Kitchen accessories and hardware

Kitchen accessories and hardware Baineng haves long-term cooperation with blum, we only use blum hinges for all kinds of cabinets. Other hardware such as drawer sliders and fucntional accessories also available.
Different and functional kitchen accessories will makes your kitchen life more convenience.

kitchen accessories and hardwares


What is formaldehyde?where it is in your house? How to aviod it?

Formaldehyde, chemical formula HCHO or CH2O, molecular weight 30.03, also known as formic aldehyde. Colorless, it has a stimulating effect on the eyes and nose. The gas has a relative density of 1.067 (air = 1) and a liquid density of 0.815 g/cm3 (-20 ° C). Melting point -92 ° C, boiling point -19.5 ° C. Soluble in water and ethanol. The concentration of the aqueous solution is up to 55%, usually 40%. It is called formalin, commonly known as formalin, and is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor.
Formaldehyde is mainly derived from materials used in interior decoration or furniture, such as plywood, blockboard, medium density fiberboard, particle board, paint, paint, adhesive, etc., which contain formaldehyde to varying degrees. The most popular method of removing formaldehyde is to ventilate and raise some plants such as spider plants, aloe vera, cactus, and tiger-tail orchids to absorb indoor polluting gases. If there are wooden furniture or floors in the house, spray some plants, if you are not at ease. Using some formaldehyde-removing materials, such as leaf shale, diatomaceous earth or activated carbon, diatomaceous earth and activated carbon have a simple function of adsorbing formaldehyde. Because of the unique spatial three-dimensional network mechanism and double-helical nano-winding mechanism, Adsorption, locking and decomposition of formaldehyde will be better than activated carbon, and the scope of application will be wider.
The best way to avid famaldehyde is choice home furniture which without it or try to avid using the furniture with it. 

formaldehyde of cabinet

Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet advantages

stainless steel kitchenn cabinet advantages

Order process

order process of Baineng


Packing and delivery

Assembling package:Every cabinet was assembled in our just need to put the cabinets and panels in right place according to our final confirmed drawings. It can save a lot of time and easy for installation
Flat package: Flat package suitable for project. it can save a lot of space in the container. 
Package for countertop: We use plywood box package for countertop
Package for LCL shipment: For LCL shipment, it will have more risk than full container, so we use the wooden frame package to make sure you can receive the perfect kitchen.

packing and delivery

Why choose our kitchen cabinet?

1. Our factory situates in Zengcheng distict, Guangzhou China, which is 40 minutes to Guangzhou airport by car, the nearest port is Guanzhou Huangpu.
2. Our kitchen cabinets with waterproof and environmental protection, we do a lot of kitchen projects for overseas contractors.
3. We can customize all kinds of kitchen cabinets with different door material and style , such as stainless steel with modern and classicj etc.
4. We promise 10 years warranty for stainless steel kitchen cabinets.
5. We are here to serve for you well with high quality products and favorable price!

How to Install Your New Kitchen Cabinet

Your new model kitchen cabinet design maybe already in your mind. This is probably the most exciting time of the project, and this will make you really get excited to get started on your new kitchen cabinets. But before you can think of doing your shopping, you need to figure out the best possible way to measure your kitchen area.
The first thing you need to do is to determine your need for proper measurements of your kitchen. Measure everything before you start shopping. Take the measurements of the room that you are planning to install the cabinet, and also of the area where you are going to put the cabinet. Do not forget to take measurements of the height of the countertop and the depth of the counters.
After getting the measurements of your kitchen, you are now ready to start shopping for your stock cabinets. There are so many websites to choose from, and the quality of these cabinets is very important. Before you purchase any online store, check if they are a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If they are not, then I advise you to consider another website.
You can find many great deals at a cabinet shop, but you need to be very careful when shopping. You need to know if they can deliver to your area or not. Also, you need to consider how many cabinets you will get. I believe that the minimum size would be two drawers, as most of us usually need more than two cabinets.
After you have found the best seller in the online market, you will be happy to receive it in your workplace. Many of the cabinet shops offer free delivery, which is an added advantage for you. Free delivery means that your purchase will be sent directly to your home without having to have to go to a garage. You just have to make sure that the shipping address you give to them is the one you will use for your order.
There are a few things that I always do when I have a new model kitchen cabinet in my kitchen. First of all, it is important to make sure that your wood is good enough for your new cabinet, or else it will cause a lot of damages and eventually the finish will chip off. Check the color and the type of finish that you want, after you choose the size of your cabinet.
After you have selected the style and the type of your new model kitchen cabinet, you will be able to install it in your workplace. It is always best to have a few people who know exactly what they are doing when installing your cabinet. They should know the space of your kitchen, the different cabinet materials, and some of the ways to make it last longer.
As you can see, there are some things that you need to consider when installing your new model kitchen cabinet. In case you have some doubts, please do not hesitate to contact your cabinet shop and ask for some answers.

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