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Melamine Series

Melamine series door panel is the most cost-effective product, easy to produce, short leading time. The door panel process is Several kraft papers with different colors or textures + natural resin binders + moisture proof particle board + high temperature hot pressing. It has two different edge bandings, PVC and aluminium. PVC edge with similar colors as the door panel.

Below are product features for reference:

1, the wear resistance and flower resistance is very strong, you can directly scrub with a steel ball;

2, matt - the surface texture is natural, high-grade, and the surface is antistatic treatment, so the anti-dust effect is good, and it is not easy to adhere to the soot.

3. The edge banding adopts imported edge banding, the material is tough, anti-aging and does not collapse;

4, the use of Germany imported Haomai edge banding machine, set cutting, trimming, chamfering one time molding, natural beauty, environmental protection,

5. The wear plate has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, easy cleaning, impact resistance, smoke resistance, fire resistance, antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-static, etc.; the texture is clear and clear, and the fidelity reaches the standards of countries such as Europe and America;