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Lacuqer Stainless Steel Sereis

Lacquer kitchen cabinet is the most common product in the market, the base material is mdf, particle board or plywood. Baineng developed lacquer painting in stainless steel and use it for kitchen cabinet door panel in 2015. The door panel of this series are very colorful, It can be made to different styles. The process of this kind of door panel is integrated stainless steel with lacquer painting on the surface ( it can be made to both gloss and matt). 
Lacquer stainless steel kitchen cabinet series is a high-tech product independently developed by Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet supplier. It is also a high-end luxury work designed by Baineng.
Below are product features for reference:
1. Waterproof and fireproof grade 1, the kitchen is a blend of water and fire, the performance requirements for waterproofing and fireproofing of the product are extremely high. The platinum space board is not filled with any wood material, and there is no fire hazard.
2. The door panel is the outer garment of the cabinet, which determines the grade of the whole cabinet. The lacquer stainless steel board is processed in a completely closed and dust-free environment. The surface is electrophoretically processed to decompose the airborne paint in the paint tank, and then the steel plate is painted. The tank is rotated 360 degrees and then baked at 240 °C to cure the paint layer.
3. Each door panel is independently processed by the integral molding process, which is sturdy and durable, not easy to scratch, anti-static treatment, no oily smoke, and dust, easy to clean, and feels very good. Every detail shows exquisite superb technology.
4. Lacquer stainless steel panel has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, so you don't have to worry about the oxidation of the door panel to affect the overall appearance.
5. The simple linear strip design, horizontal and vertical, reduces unnecessary decorative lines, thus creating an open visual space.