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Glass Stainless Steel Series

For glass stainless steel series kitchen cabinets was a kind of product which independent research and development by ourselves. The process of the door panel is glas + Alu. Honey comb + 304 stainless steel back plate + snap-on aviation aluminum edge banding + four corners with 45 ° chamfer. The glass with many different beautiful glass to cater to different tastes. It is our hot sale series.
Below are product features for reference:
1.This is the most cost-effective series, goo quality and moderate price;
2.High gloss and smooth surface, mirror high-gloss effect, no water ripple, super bright, easy to clean and maintain;
3. Many good looks color;
4. No fading: Through comparison experiments, it is proved that the glass panel finish has better physical and chemical properties than the traditional panel, ensuring that the door panel does not lose color for a long time, and solves the chromatic aberration phenomenon.
5. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: Polycrystalline plate can resist various acid and alkali disinfectant, soy sauce, vinegar and edible salt. It will not corrode and corrode the surface. Do not worry about the damage of the door panel and affect the overall appearance of the cabinet.
6. Scratch resistance: high hardness, the more polished, brighter, never deformed.
Since the establishment of Baineng, kitchen cabinet is carved carefully as artwork. We know well that kitchen cabinet is not only florid decoration of use in daily life at home but is more of a symbol of identity. In order to make each customer with extreme pursuit of life can own Dream Kitchen in the heart, Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturer creates high-end customized service of stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Each set of kitchen cabinet is unique and designed for you, which means you choose the lifestyle that you want by choosing Baineng. 
Baineng Kitchen Cabinet represents green and health, and even the visual enjoyment and embodiment of life quality.