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Frequently Asked Questions


What about the price level of your products?

Baineng provides high end stainlesss teel customized kitchen cabinet which with good quality, so the price may be a little higher than other wooden cabinets. We are factory, the price will be reasonable, and there are many different types can satisfy different level market, we can suggest you the suitable materials as per your needs to control the price.

How to build kitchen cabinet plans?

Step 1: Browse through our website (, find the kitchen you are interested in.

Step 2: Measure your kitchen spaces you will enjoy and send the layout to us.

Step 3: We offer free design for the kitchen that you love.

Step 4: We makes the best kitchen at the best oruce you can easily afford.

Step 5: After comforming the design and price, there is about 30 days for production.

Step 6: We can help you ship the perfect kitchen to you.

Will you arrange installation for us?

The best way is that you ask local installer, we have vedio and PDF installation guidance for help.

If it is possibl for our company to work with yours as an agent in our country?

We welcome everybody to join in us as long as his/her company comforms to BAINENG Franchising Policy. For more details, you can contact us for further neogotiations.