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Become a Baineng Dealer

Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co., Ltd, which is a intergrated company specialized in stainless steel kitchen cabinet design, R&D, production, sale, and other supporting services.

Our manufacturing base is located in Zengcheng district Guangzhou city which with superior environment and convenient transportation. Perseverance and professionalism, make us become one of the country's large stainless steel cabinet production base, we are one of the leading stainless steel kitchen cabinets in the field of manufacturing enterprises.


1. Preliminery Communication: Let’s get to know each other.

2. Discuss for showroom sample and future plan.

5. Sign for contrast.

Joining Advantages

Enjoy the best factory cooperation price and the most guaranteed company service.


The Terminal Image System

• Shop decoration support

  • We have proffesional designer and work with domestic top design company to ensure that the image of the teminal is far ahead and provide a strong backing to ternial sales. Baineng provide systematic decoration planning and store decoration program to you to presented a “kitchen home life experience Museum” to customers.

• Franchise store ternimal image design program support

  • • Stores, samples, jewelry planning and design, corporate cuilture advertising planning and design.
  • • Store image uniform. Baineng Comapny storefront design staff will have a field trip and collecting information to make suitable design program to keep same terminal image from front door, logo, pictures, tools, etc.. to customers in a direct and unified compact visual effect.
  • • Uniform sample of products. The kitchen cabinet samples will be displayed by different levels and tacful, such as featured products, competitive produtcs, hot-sale products etc.. to meet the diverse needs of consumers due to the diversity of individual needs.
  • • Unification of soft decorations. We have developed a set of decoration collocation program to meet the warmth of home like and fashion atmosphere. It was made according to products style and store image.
  • • Welcome to to be our dealer!
  • • High-end customized stainless steel kitchen cabinet
  • • Joining Hot-line :+86-20-32840616 / +86-13826146622

Joining Objects


  • · The investors should be forethoughtful and concentrate on Baineng Kitchen cabinet.
  • · Trust us, you must agree on the direction of your company and the calues by which it will run.
  • · Local meriticaracy in the home building material industry.
  • · Branded home improvement company or a strong home improvement company.
  • · A strong dealer, operating floor, wooden doors, stairs, sliding doors and other related products.
  • · With legal personality or other legal business.

Joining Condition

  • · To pay the franchise fee of RMB20, 000.
  • · To pay the integrity fee of RMB10,000, the money will return back upon expiration of the contract.
  • · Have the conditions in line with company requirements: experienced, capable, motivated and team.
  • · Mainstream home building materials market location or street flourishing shop, the shop area can not less than 150 square.
  • · Store decoration needs accordance with the company SI decoration standards strictly.
  • · Accept the company chain management and marketing guidance.

Investment Orientation

Area County-level Cities Prefecture Cities Provincial Captital
Shop Area 150m² 200m² 300m²
Fund Strength 50W 100W 200W
Store Strength Franchise Store Flagship Store Experience Museun


Joining Process

  • 1. Preliminary discussion
  • • Company introduction Joining Condition、method、and requirement, visit the shoroom.
  • 2.Agent selection
  • • After negotiating whether to meet the joining standards.
  • 3.Intended appliacation
  • • Guide franchisees to do market research and plan.
  • 4.Confirm the store location
  • • We will help to select the store, the implementation of the lease contract signed.
  • 5.Market exploration
  • • Market conditions, competitors and other investigations.
  • 6.Signing a Contract
  • • To pay the guraranty money, offer shop floor plan and training requirements.

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