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Baineng's blockbuster new products are stunning and open to the world

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:06/17/2022

Baineng's blockbuster new products are stunning and open to the world, opening an ideal feast for stainless steel home Furniture!

Guangzhou Custom Home Furniture Exhibition, Guangzhou Construction Expo
Two major home Furniture industry events are coming one after another
Baineng Strength Exhibition
A new generation of new products stunning the world
Let's have a sneak peek
Bai Shi Cabinet丨Timeless beauty, just for a better life for the family
Baishi Cabinet is an art product jointly created by Asian design master Shao Weiyan and Baineng R&D team. Looking from a distance, a round of artistic arc of copper decoration like the bright moon instantly grabs people's attention, making people unable to help being in the "Tonight Moon". The beautiful artistic conception of Ming people, who do not know who will fall in autumn, is very charming and interesting in design.
The lifting design of kitchen utensils, the drying and wet separation system for cooking and baking, and the application of designer trolleys make the overall atmosphere more noble. The arc combination door panel and the slate arc dining table give an unparalleled artistic atmosphere.
The use of many circular elements expresses the philosophical wisdom of Chinese culture of "completeness but not dissatisfaction", and inspires people to have a more open mind, to constantly discover the truth, and to get along better with the world. Incorporate "circle" into the design, and externalize this open-mindedness and philosophical thinking in the space.
Timeless Hundreds, Time Attendants, Baineng intends to create a timeless and stable field to accompany everyone in the family to grow up confidently, hoping to make the home a birthplace of a better life.
Wandongelo Wardrobe丨Injecting harmonious energy into daily life
The name of this series is taken from the representative figure sculpture master Wan Tongelo in the [Dutch De Stijl movement De Stijl], which has influenced the design style of the world. This school advocates the design concept of pure abstraction and simplicity.
The design of the overall open wardrobe, supplemented by the atmosphere lighting, makes the light show a hazy beauty of "looming and looming", and the overall space reveals a wonderful sense of nobility. The arc design in the middle and the Hermes orange storage box give The space is dynamic and dynamic, and the overall high-grade smelted lime tone renders the atmosphere softer, injecting a harmonious energy into the living life.
Wandongelo TV Cabinet丨 Brings a Peaceful and Elegant Mood
The door panel of the coffee fragrance gives a calm and calm atmosphere. The overall design is full of layers. The black embedded storage frame and golden frame in the middle highlight the focus of the central vision. The overall matching is natural and there is no tedious decoration. mood.
Emma Wine Cabinet丨A Beautiful Encounter between Home and Art
The grille cabinet is full of artistic sense, multi-level design to store different types of wine, enhance the sense of grade, simple and fashionable, the overall tone is soft and delicate, the visual abundance and warmth, full of the warmth of life and the infinite beauty of life.
When life is bumpy and helpless, taking a break here, picking up a glass of wine and savoring it, it is enough to forget the complexity and fatigue, and rekindle infinite expectations for life.
The materials of the new products brought this time are all 304 food-grade stainless steel, integrating the latest environmental protection technology of Baineng, combining pure design ideas, innovative materials and intelligent technology, launching a home aesthetics movement about future life, leading the future Trendy home life.
Guangzhou Custom Home Furniture Exhibition
Poly World Trade Expo
Hall 2 2E06
June 23-25
More wonderful and beautiful
Waiting for you to visit the exhibition site to watch and appreciate