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Aup Cel Stainless Steel Series

Baineng Aup Cel series stainless steel kitchen cabinets are one big breakthrough in kitchen cabinet factory production lines. Different to traditional solid wood kitchen cabinets, European style stainless steel kitchen design of solid wood door panels fit stainless steel door panels, and door frame and door core shape are safety oriented. Merged with the modern kitchen cabinet factory design concept “new nobility”, Aup Cel is of classic simplicity, colorful, visually charming yet low-key.


Baineng Aup Cel Series Feature:

1. The 304 antibacterial stainless steel is selected as the surface main material, and the imported film is formed in the dust-free space;

2. Like the high-end solid wood craft, it consists of a door frame and a door core. The door frame is made of aerospace aluminum, which is 1.5 times thicker than the aluminum on the market. It can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees. The German imported film has the characteristics of toughness and no fading;

3. The surface is uniquely embedded in the aviation aluminum line process, which plays a role in painting the dragon and clears the pattern. The pattern is various and has a three-dimensional effect. If the home is decorated in European or rural style, the door type is preferred;

4. The door panels are rich in color, realistic in wood grain, pure in color, no cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance and fade resistance. It is the most mature cabinet material, and the daily maintenance is simple.

5. Since it can seal the four sides of the door panel after molding, it does not need to be edge-sealed, which solves the problem that some plates are opened for a long time and is susceptible to water erosion.