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Acrylic Series

Modern style acrylic series kitchen cabinet is in good appearance fabricated by wooden kitchen cabinets factory production line. Behind the simplicity also reflects a modern "consumption view."That is to pay attention to the quality of life, health and fashion, pay attention to reasonable and scientific consumption. Their philosophy of life, self and not selfish, simple and not empty, fashion and not extreme, simple and simple, only heart. So they are such pioneers. Simple is beautiful! The process of acrylic door panel is acrylic veneer mdf with PVC edge banding.
Below are product features for reference:
1. It is currently the most environmentally friendly material for cabinet door panels. The substrate is a high environmentally friendly European standard E1 grade acrylic sheet certified by the national environmental protection;
2.Super anti-fouling: the surface of the panel is smooth and delicate, dust and oil are not easy to absorb, and it is easy to clean, so the door panel has good anti-fouling properties.
3. The utility model has the functions of good light transmission performance, pure color, rich color, beautiful appearance and long service life.
4. The wear resistance of the acrylic panel is 10 times stronger than that of the general door panel, and scratches are not easily left.
5. The size of the dust is related to the particle size of the material and also to the electrostatic interaction. Under the action of electromagnetic fields, general substances will generate static electricity. The current state of static electricity causes the result of contamination with dust. The acrylic panel eliminates the phenomenon of static electricity, and it is difficult to adsorb particles, and substances such as oil smoke are not easily adhered.
6. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and high-temperature resistance. The surface texture is fine and lustrous. The color is uniform and there is no color difference. The color selection is rich and varied, and the products are gorgeous and durable. The surface is waterproof and oil resistant, and the cleaning is simple and convenient. It is the best choice for custom kitchen cupboards door panels.