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The "Technical Regulations for the Application of Household Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets" was reviewed and passed in Beijing

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:09/11/2021

On September 4, 2021, the "Technical Regulations for the Application of Household Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets" passed the review of the expert review meeting in Beijing. The industry national standard is coming soon!

In the process of preparing the "Technical Regulations for the Application of Household Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets", Baineng Home Furniture, based on its own successful experience, combined with the excellent experience of the domestic and foreign industries, to ensure the feasibility of the implementation of the regulations and at the same time ensure the regulations Possess a certain industry height. In the process of standard formulation, it is also inseparable from the active suggestions and suggestions of the participating units, the hard work of the organizer, the Guangdong Cabinet Industry Chamber of Commerce, and the expert group to provide scientific and meticulous revision suggestions.


Industry experts from all over the country participated in this meeting. The review expert group listened to the work report of the editor-in-chief, reviewed the contents of the regulations one by one, passed the standard for review and gave a high evaluation.
This regulation regulates the materials, design, processing, installation, acceptance, maintenance and maintenance of household stainless steel integral kitchen cabinets, and is innovative, practical and maneuverable.


The meeting believed that this regulation is the first in China, filling the blank of the domestic stainless steel cabinet industry standard in the decoration industry in my country, and reaching the domestic advanced level. The review expert committee evaluates that the content of this regulation is comprehensive, the technical indicators are scientific, and the applicability is strong. It will play a very good role in guiding and regulating the industry.


This regulation will unify the technical requirements of household stainless steel integrated kitchen cabinets, promote the integration of the design, installation and acceptance of residential kitchens and stainless steel integrated kitchen cabinets, and will play a vital role in promoting the development of the stainless steel household industry.