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Baineng Going to the World, Baineng Home Furniture Strength Appears at the 130th Canton Fair

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:10/22/2021
Since its establishment in 1957, the Canton Fair has been held for 65 years. Witnessing the vigorous development of China’s foreign trade, it has built a stage for many domestic and foreign companies to go global. It is a window, epitome and benchmark for China’s opening up.
The 130th Canton Fair will be officially launched on October 15, 2021, and the exhibition will last for 5 days. The offline exhibition area of this exhibition reached 400,000 square meters, making it the world's largest physical exhibition under the epidemic.
Deeply ploughing in the international market, Baineng going to the world
Founded in 2006, Baineng began to enter the international market in 2007. After years of continuous cultivation, customers have spread across the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, creating a beautiful stainless steel home. Industry "China Business Card".
American customer Baineng home product photo
Photos of Baineng Home Furnishing Products from Russian Customers
Thai customer Baineng home product photo
Interpreting classic works, stunning the audience
Baineng Home Furniture participated in the Canton Fair with its classic Jianyi series cabinets . The design of this series is well versed in the design concept of "less is more". Pure colors make people relax physically and mentally. Main material use 304 stainless steel . It's modren stainless steel kitchen cabinet.
Pursue simplicity in appearance and strive for perfection inside. The Jianyi series adopts Baineng's most advanced process standards, and integrates the latest technologies such as 8mm ultra-thin door panels, immersive atmosphere lighting systems, and intelligent display systems. Many special crafts let the audience feel the atmosphere of the future kitchen in advance.
During the exhibition, there was a lot of people, exhibitors and buyers from all over the world gathered here. The stainless steel home furnishing industry developed earlier in foreign countries and has a higher degree of acceptance. The Baineng stainless steel home booth has attracted the attention and attention of many international buyers. Love, domestic and foreign exhibitors expressed their sincere admiration for Baineng's home furnishing products.
Visitors from home and abroad visit Baineng's booth
The corporate vision of Baineng is to become the world's Baineng, so that people in every corner of the world can use high-end stainless steel household products that are healthy, environmentally friendly, waterproof and fireproof, and durable. Users around the world experience the beauty of China's smart home furnishings.
The strength of Baineng Home Furnishing at this Canton Fair is an important step in its internationalization strategy. We will continue to move forward and bring better high-end stainless steel home products to consumers around the world through product upgrades, technology upgrades, and service upgrades.
The person in charge of the foreign trade department of Baineng Home Furniture accepts an interview with the "Quality" column group of CCTV.