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Ink grey kitchen cabinet, when the modern encounter the nature

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:04/07/2021

Ink grey kitchen cabinet, when the modern encounter the nature


Ink grey, deep and elegant color, showing a strong texture, create a quiet and elegant atomosphere.

Modern and nature combine together, neither more nor less, everything looks best.


All beauty comes out of a perfect balance. The toughness of steel, the purity of rock, the calmness of wood, multi-elements mixed together, explore the infinite possiblities, bring us infinite vitality in the modern urban life.



The texture of the rock countertop, with subtle brightness changes, perfectly restore the natural beauty. A return to nature, supreme grace.


The cabinet partition, practical and beautiful, easy to operate, more storage and not complicated, enjoy the quiet time alone, talk to the soul, think and relax freely.


Classical and Fashion

Urban and Nature

Life and Freedom

Coverged here, telling the immortal feelings.

Life is art, art, is also life.