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Fashion Stainless Steel Series

Baineng fashion stainless steel series kitchen cabinets are all stainless steel applied, including carcass, door panel and countertop. The door panel product process is double faced stainless steel with Aluminum. Honey comb core with many different colors, which pure color and wood grain are available. Developed by engineers of our modular kitchen cabinet factory, customized fashionable stainless steel kitchen cabinet is beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective layer screening.


Baineng fashionable stainless steel series kitchen cabinet sets design below, for your reference:

In order to ensure a smoother surface of the door panel, a hexagonal aluminum honeycomb is used as a substrate to expand and contract in thermal expansion. It will not be structurally deformed, so it can guarantee extremely high flatness;

The hexagonal honeycomb structure disperses the pressure from the direction of the panel, making the plate evenly stressed and not deformed. It is the material of choice for the construction industry.

The unique overall stamping technology is a technical barrier that small-scale manufacturers cannot surpass;

Build-in handles with independent mold opening, beautiful and more space-saving;