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What kind of door panel can be called as good one for kitchen cabinet (one)?

  • source:Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets
  • Date:05/18/2018

Many people, especially those who experienced kitchen decoration for the first time, faced a wide variety of cabinet doors on the market. They have blank mind in it ,they have no idea of what kind of  door panel is better.


As the premier manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, we are here to answer you what door panel can be called as good one.


First of all,for a good kitchen cabinet door panel, it should be beautiful and tasteful.

The importance of door panels to cabinets is like the importance of the face to people. Every human being likes beautiful things. The first impression of people-to-person interaction comes from visual senses. Similarly, beautiful kitchen cabinet door panels are important decorations for the entire kitchen, which determines the style of the entire kitchen.


Secondly, for good kitchen cabinet door panel, it should be very durable.

If people's faces are covered with acne and spots, it will affect the overall appearance and senses. The kitchen is a place where the intensity of homework is relatively large, and kitchen cabinet door panels often have flaws. I think you must have had such an experience, bought a beloved car, scratched and smashed while driving, and left unsightly scratches on the car body. Your heart was annoyed and you could only repair scratches. Therefore, be sure to choose a highly resistant door panels.


Baineng has variety of door panels , such as melamine door panel , acrylc veneer door panle, glass door panel etc., high wear resistance, can be scrubbed with steel balls, it will not easily leave scratches, will not use the pen pokes traces.


Thirdly , for good cabinet door panel,it should be stain resistant and easy to clean.


Domestic fire cooking, deep-fried, fried and boiled cooking methods have determined that the fumes are heavy. The cabinet door is the face of the kitchen and must not be greasy.
The surface of various door panels of Baineng is treated with a special process, anti-static, not only has a good dustproof effect, but also does not easily adhere to fumes. The door surface is smooth, easy to wipe, easy to clean, save you time , giving you a comfortable and not greasy kitchen.


Fourthly , for good cabinet door panel, it should not be discolored or cracking.


If the door panels crack, it is undoubtedly equivalent to the person's face needs to move a big plastic surgery, even if the face, or the original face? Therefore, for a good cabinet door,it should be unless specifically hit by violence, generally it will not change color and crack.


All stainless steel door series of Baineng , such as fashionable stainless steel series, which is using 304 antibacterial stainless steel, not afraid of water, the internal use of aviation special metal honeycomb aluminum filling, will not be deformed in the thermal expansion and contraction, the unique overall stamping molding Technology makes the door impact resistant, no deformation, no cracking .


Lastly , for good cabinet door panel, it should be environmental friendly.

Whether environmental protection has become a problem that kitchens attach great importance to.

All-steel door panel series of Baineng, such as the series of Aup cel stainless steel series and lacquer stainlesss steel series, are processed in a completely enclosed, dust-free environment. The entire process is green and environmentally friendly. All steel door panels use food-grade 304 antibacterial stainless steel plates. The technical problem of environmental protection and environmental protection in the cabinet industry for decades is the real green food-grade health and environmental protection material.