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Volcanic Series

Volcanic series kitchen cabinet is one of our hot sale product because of its special door panel color designed by pro kitchen pantry cupboard factory. The product process is Surface volcanic rock crystal material + aluminum plate + aviation special metal material (honeycomb aluminum) + aluminum plate + 304 stainless steel back plate + snap-type aviation aluminum edge banding + four corners with 45 ° chamfer.

Below are product features for reference:

1. The volcanic door panel originates from the magma at the volcanic eruption. As the magma cools and solidifies, it forms different rock crystals, such as basalt, fire rock, andesite, mountain lava. The volcanic has a high temperature resistance of 1300 °C. With antibacterial effect, it has been proved by the Baineng R&D Center that it is the best choice for cabinet door panels.

2, with the delicate feel of the pockmark effect, highlighting the super hardness, wear and easy cleaning performance of the fire rock antibacterial board, its unique antibacterial layer makes the kitchen food safer, 100% waterproof, antifouling, hard texture, high temperature resistance, main body Style-----Simple, natural, calm, and with a trace of return to the traditional feelings will never fade, simple, steady, thick and not rough

3. The volcanic board is distinguished and elegant, and it is not a delicate work. It is another way to set off the owner's elegant taste.

4. Anti-fingerprint antibacterial 304 stainless steel on the back of the door panel, with real zero formaldehyde storage space

5. The volcanic board is of high anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, no need to worry about the oxidation of the door panel and affect the overall appearance

6. Ordinary wood cabinets can only achieve the effect of moisture-proof, this door panel uses honeycomb aluminum as the substrate, with 100% waterproof performance, no matter how many years of use, always as new.