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Solid Wood Series

Solid wood series door panel are made bu natural with painting on surface. They are classic styles.

Product technology: material selection (including dry square or sheet) → cutting → straightening → splicing → to be dried → trimming → boring and milling → assembling → bottom grinding → closed primer→waiting to dry→grinding→painting (colored paint or varnish)→grinding→varnish→finishing (cleaning) and other processes.

Below are product features for reference: imported wood, natural texture, luxurious style; it is synonymous with honor

1. Solid wood board is a kind of pure natural material. It belongs to the only material that can breathe in furniture materials. It is environmentally friendly, has good texture and natural texture.

2, The wood texture is staggered, naturally formed, and the beautiful pattern explains the effect of returning to nature and returning to nature. The cabinets made of solid wood door panels are magnificent, and the color is deep and gorgeous, elegant and distinguished, and durable.

3, with European classical style, elegant, luxurious, solemn.

4. Repainting after several years.

5, solid wood is not only a symbol of identity, precious wood species also have collection value, such as; rosewood, red sandalwood, mahogany, nanmu, ebony, etc. After hundreds of years, wood species are rare and valuable.