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Poke open, this is a "kitchen noob" worry-free secret...

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:04/15/2021
Busy preparing meals for the family,
This is a very warm and happy thing.
But for "kitchen noob",
The kitchen is like a nightmare.
Every time I enter the kitchen,
Things will always be messed up,
clean? Don't understand! maintenance? What is it? !
come behind,
Oily, mildew, insects...
Problems followed one after another.
There are many maintenance and cleaning tips,
But it is not easy to take care of it.
Work and life are tired enough!
Is this the habitat you are looking forward to?
Easy and worry-free is king!
Clean and worry-free
What is the hardest part of the house to clean? There is no doubt that it is the kitchen. The breakdown of many adults is not at work, but in the trivial cleaning of the kitchen after get off work. After cooking, the oil and soup are everywhere, and the cleaning work is tiresome. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet all material ia SUS 304 stainless steel, high gloss surface,total waterproof, so it easy to clean.
Countertops are a major difficulty in the cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen. Artificial stone and quartz stone countertops cannot bear too high a load, and the joints are easy to contain dirt and dirt. Soy sauce and other ingredients will bleed if they are not wiped in time on the countertops! Baineng stainless steel countertops solve this problem well. Not only are they strong bearing capacity, but they are also integrally formed without gaps. Do you want oil to penetrate? Don't say there is no way, there is no seam!
Maintenance-saving, all-steel quality and 50-year durability
Maintenance-saving, all-steel quality and 50-year durability
The most inseparable things in the kitchen are "water" and "fire." Many traditional wooden cabinets are most afraid of "water and fire". When exposed to water, they are prone to damp and moldy, and when exposed to high temperatures, they tend to be warped and damaged.
Stainless steel cabinet countertops are not only resistant to high temperatures, but also not easy to accumulate water stains, and the countertops will be clean with one touch. The footline design is also full of ingenuity, and mopping the floor is not afraid of dirty water splashing. Annoying problems, in front of stainless steel cabinets, all are not a problem! It is cool to the touch in summer, which can eliminate the heat and anxiety brought by the cooking process. As of 2021. Among all the materials that can be used for kitchen countertops, stainless steel ranks first in anti-bacterial regeneration ability, so cooking food on it should be the most hygienic.
Healthy and worry-free, carefully selected materials, food-grade environmental protection
Healthy and worry-free, carefully selected materials, food-grade environmental protection
Modern people pay more and more attention to health. As a space for cooking food, the kitchen has undoubtedly stricter health and safety requirements.