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New Swan Castle Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

  • source:baineng
  • Date:11/28/2020


There has never been a country in the world, It has many castles like Germany, One of the most magnificent, It is New Swan Stone Castle. Inspiration for Pfanner Neuschwanstein Castle It comes from this.


Silent Bruce, Smooth and clean lines, Outline one, Wonderful and magnificent castle. Standing here, It seems that there is an illusion of returning to the Middle Ages.


This kitchen cabinet  material is 304 stainless steel, no any wood, The stainless steel material makes the texture of the whole cabinet perfect. Every display decoration, All flowing, The breath of European aristocracy. Elegant and noble, Cruising in every corner of the kitchen. 


Wall cabinet with carved texture, Build a different style, Find fun while cooking, Insight into the farther world.


Black shelf design, Don't be arrogant, Complements the overall environment, Take it and put it freely, More calmness of mind.


Rubik's cube storage system, Double the storage space, Everything in the kitchen has its place, Feel the aristocratic calmness.


Independent island design, Beautiful and practical coexist, Expand the kitchen space, The water basin is set up here, Separate dry and wet from the main console, Highlight the ingenuity of the design.
Neuschwanstein, New Swan Stone Castle, a gem of romanticism, a volume of court lyric poems, set off the noble character of the knight, and demonstrate the light and luxurious temperament of the nobility.