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New product debut丨Guss Sandstone-breaking boundaries and exploring beauty

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:09/10/2021
Life is endless
Explore borderless
Blockbuster of the Year-Gus Sandstone
Shocking debut
First show infinite scenery
Reshaping the boundary Gus Sandstone shocks the market
On the way to explore home art, Baineng Home has never set limits, keeps forging ahead, and boldly tries to explore infinite possibilities. The new Gus sandstone door panel is not only the crystallization of material and industrial technology, but also the product of the symbiosis of humanistic ideas and natural elements. Every texture and detail not only perfectly presents the roughness and magnificence comparable to the original stone grain in nature, but also vividly reflects the tremendous power of human thinking.
Innovation is the hard power of Baineng Home Furnishing to stand on the forefront of the industry. The product line extends from a single stainless steel cabinet to wardrobes, balcony cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wine cabinets, and TV cabinets. It is a breakthrough in category; various patents are rising year by year, which is an innovation and upgrade in technology and craftsmanship. The Gus sandstone board, which was launched this time, will bring an extraordinary experience to Baineng's new products in terms of material.
Nature·Power Draw vigorous power from nature
What can nature bring to people? Strength, tranquility, and peace. The home space inspired by nature brings people the comfort of spiritual power. Gus Sandstone, with the great energy of nature's vitality, blends into the modern living space, and easily restores the visual experience of natural rocks.
The texture and color are like rough mountains, with the secret beauty of the Andes, the humanity and romance of the Tianshan Mountains, let your imagination run wild, listen to the looming call of wildness, and feel the majestic momentum of the mountains.
Breakthrough·Butterfly change Originated from nature, higher than nature
The buildings decorated with sandstone thousands of years ago still have the charm and are respected by architects who follow fashion and nature. Gus Sandstone is inspired by nature, but understands your feelings better than nature.
Gus sandstone also has the advantages of natural rock high temperature resistance, strong pollution resistance, moisture absorption, non-toxic, sterile, and radiation-free. Modern craftsmanship gives Guss sandstone a more delicate touch. Compared with the rough realism, it has a little more agility and aesthetic meaning, and its color diversity is even better. It has opened up a different style of scenery for the "sandstone" family.