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module white color wardobe with open shelves No. WD01

module white color wardobe with open shelves No. WD01

  • Description: module white color wardrobe with open shelves is modern and simple style. The design inspiratin from life. The higher part with opening doors which can store cotton quilt and unused clothes. The lower part with sliding doors with big and different storage space for frequently-used clothes and living goods, such as hanging dress and business suits, drawers for ties and socks. Right side open shelves can put some decorations such as a bottle of flowers or a family photo.

    The bigest advantage of custom furniture is that we can offer the them as what you want. Now people's living conditions are getting better and better, they gets more and more money through hard work. Nothing is better than happy life, peopel are hope to enjoy the happiness home life after a long day work. Home is part of life, good quality home furniture will bring you health and joyful life. Choise us to choise a better life.

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