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If you can't stand it anymore, then change it to Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet

  • source:bainengkitchen
  • Date:06/20/2018

Everyone knows that the problem of wet kitchens in the spring has always been a headache for housewives. The damp moldy kitchen has a great impact on health. In particular, wooden kitchen cabinets are more humid and moldy in various environments such as hot-steam moisture vapor in the kitchen. There are three main hazards of mold:


1. Food moldy, after eating moldy food, may directly cause poisoning, or produce carcinogenic substances, poisoning the human body.

2. Fungal infection, mold reproduction directly in the human body, causing fungal pneumonia and other diseases, affecting a number of people with prolonged illness more infirm.

3.Allergic diseases caused by mold, such as bronchial asthma, dermatitis and so on. This is also the main problem affecting family health in the family.


Wooden kitchen cabinet easily deformed by moisture


Wood kitchen cabinet doors damp expansion


Wooden kitchen cabinet damp moldy


In damp weather in spring, wood kitchen cabinets are more likely to get wet and moldy. In summer, spoiled garbage will make the smell of the entire kitchen cabinet “smell and smelly”! Bacteria prefer the warm and humid environment in the closed kitchen cabinets. In the dark corners, bacteria such as Staphylococcus, E. coli and other bacteria will quietly reproduce, thus contaminating food and affecting human health. Therefore, in addition to regular thorough cleaning, the kitchen cabinet should also be frequently ventilated, especially in the summer, it is best to let it breathe fresh air every day.

If you have a set of stainless steel kitchen cabinets at home, you can save yourself time and money no matter what kind of weather you encounter. Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet adheres to the use of food-grade stainless steel materials to create every stainless steel kitchen cabinet, health and environmental protection zero formaldehyde, advanced processing, so that each set of kitchen cabinets is of high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, waterproof and moisture proof, etc. You don't have to worry about the problem of damp and mildew like a wooden kitchen cabinet when you are in wet weather. There is no mold trouble, so that the family has a healthy protective layer, so that the kitchen life becomes so easy!