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High-Quality Environmentally Friendly Homes Light Up Green Life! Baineng Home Furnishing Participated In the 22nd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

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  • Date:07/07/2020

The 22nd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) will be held as scheduled on July 8, 2020. Baineng Home will bring 4 trendy new products to the exhibition, and the industry and market are full of expectations.


Booth number: Area A 3.2-10

Canton Fair Complex
Time: 7.8-7.11

China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) is known as the industry's "first show platform for champion enterprises". As the first large-scale home furnishing and construction industry exhibition after the epidemic, it gathers a wide range of business opportunities in the industry. Nearly 1,600.

High-end eco-friendly homes light up green life

After the epidemic, people are fully aware that health is the biggest asset in life. Without health, there is nothing, and the demand for healthy and environmentally friendly homes is becoming stronger.


Rendering of BaiNeng Home Pavilion

The original intention of Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture company Limited was to solve the problem of traditional wooden panel cabinets that are not environmentally friendly and durable. For 14 years, it has been committed to keeping consumers away from decoration pollution. With its excellent environmental attributes, it has successively passed the certification of the Chinese Environmental Ten Ring Mark and the ISO14001 environmental system. Certification authority. Choosing Baineng means choosing a healthy one.

Baineng also become  the biggest factory for stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacture and stainless steel wardrobe manufacture in China.

Baineng Exhibition Hall


The Baineng Home Exhibition Hall has a generous appearance, a rocky touch, and a sense of ecological temperature; the embellishment of green plants is comfortable and natural; the interior space is full of high-grade elegance, the product is the protagonist of the space, simple and elegant, refreshing, tasteful style.

The soft light sets off the elegant atmosphere of the entire space; the comfortable interior touches the mind of open communication, and the stretching of natural things brings vitality.


Four trendy new products interpreting the new connotation of light luxury

The four trendy new products brought by Baineng this year follow the design concept of "not vain and more expensive than nature". Through a series of design elements, the concept of harmonious coexistence between human settlement and natural environment is shown.


Following the design concept of "simple", discarding all the complicated elements, with the simplest lines and the purest colors, it makes people feel relaxed and soothed, which is in line with the modern people's longing for authenticity.


While pursuing the utmost simplicity, the internal craftsmanship of the craft quality and hardware details provide consumers with a delicate product experience.


Jane cabinet


Jianying close

Jianying bathroom cabinet


More marketing advantages Explore the new blue ocean of home furnishing


The impact of this year's epidemic on all walks of life has made it more difficult for offline store businesses. In response to this situation, Baineng has launched eight support systems for franchising, from site selection, design, training, planning, e-commerce, operations, brands, R&D and other aspects provide support for franchisees and escort.

In addition, Hu Jun, the ambassador and film star of Baoneng, has also made Baineng's brand influence more deeply rooted. The high visibility of the brand will undoubtedly make the business better. Hu Jun's "stable, low-key, strength, love home" personality charm Represents the brand personality and cultural symbols advocated by Baineng Household.