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12th Anniversary of Guangdong Baineng Furniture Co., Ltd.

  • source:baineng
  • Date:06/06/2018

On May 18, Guangdong Baineng Furniture Co., Ltd. celebrated its 12th birthday. 12 years of trials and hardships, Baineng down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic, has now become the leading brand of stainless steel kitchen cabinets industry. With one minute harvest and one-point harvest, the popularity and reputation of Baineng's home appliances have been continuously enhanced, and more and more attention and applause has been won.



In the 12 years of the journey, the people of Bengneng sweated and made a concerted effort;
In the 12 years of the journey, the people of Bengneng never forget the beginning of the day and march forward.


"To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the year, to build a future dream together," in order to celebrate this festive day, Baineng held a two-day (May 18th -19th) anniversary training and cum development tour.


May 18 7:05 AM
Exuberant and passionate people start their journey to Xinhui Liang Qichao’s former residence.


May 18th, 14:00 PM


All the staff of Baineng Furniture Co., Ltd. “build high-efficient cohesion and execution training” to bring you better and better high-end customized services for stainless steel cabinets.


Photographs of a group of people at Baineng.


In order to thank the Baineng family for their hard work and dedication to create a harmonious and harmonious team atmosphere, Bioenergy has specially organized all employees to visit the AAAA grade Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park and Lotus Mountain to view the lake and mountains.


Baineng's family is surrounded by nature and enjoys landscapes. The scenic area is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. The Baineng family either laughs or takes pictures. Everyone advances with full enthusiasm and upward spirit.


In the mountains and rivers, Baineng’s family enjoyed the beautiful scenery, pleasure, and increased cohesion. It is believed that under the leadership of the top leaders of Baineng Furniture, the family members of Baineng will join hands and work hard. They will forge ahead towards the established goals and happiness. With a brand-new attitude, they will set foot on a new journey and win a better tomorrow!