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Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

Wooden kitchen cabinet mains the material are solid wood, particle board, mdf, plywood. These material are very common in the market. Normaly we using particle board and plywood for carcass, they are panel and easy to prouce, cutting and banding than packing. The delivery time is short. For door panel series, such as melamine finished particle board, lacquer painting mdf, PVC membrane mdf, acrylicy veneer mdf and solid wood.
For wooden kitchen cabinet, they are simple panel cabinet,so it is easy to produce. They can be made with different styles and different colors. Just because of those advantages, so the price for those series are very nice. Baineng as a professional kitchen cabinet manufacturer, we have a wide range of product from low-end to high end. We pay more attemtions to our clients order. Whether it's material or design, wooden kitchen cabinets factory - Baineng will give more best options and Satisfactory solution.