Warmly congratulate BAINENG won the low carbon environmental protection demonstration brand in 2016

The 11th Annual Summit Conference of Kitchen Cabinet Industry of China opened in Guangzhou on Dec 2nd 2016. This meeting mainly focused on the deeply discussion and exchange of topics on the design, the customization and the smart home field. 


This meeting had invited many leaders and designers in the custom furniture industry company, government officials, and related professionals in the famous E-business companies, modern logistic industry, smart home representatives, and mainstream media.


In recent years, people have deeper understanding on the quality life,and more willingness to pursues it.This creates a huge demands and changes on the market.Therefore,the home furniture industry follows such a market change to arrange itself gradually and looking for new development.

Customization, integration, low carbon environmental protection and zero formaldehyde has already become the most popular topics in the current household design. This means the custom household decoration, low-carbon environmental protection, green health, zero formaldehyde has become the inevitable trend of the future development of household industry.


BAINENG is a professional stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturer,who concentrate on R&D,production,and sales of high end stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Over the years, we dedicates to the green, recurrence, and the sustainable ideality to develop low carbon, we committed to high quality, health, environmental protection kitchen life. We won the low carbon environmental protection demonstration brand by our own brand and our products with advantage of low carbon environmental protection.P434

As executive member of the Kitchen Cabinet Professional Committee of the National Federation of furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce,BAINENG have been very concerned about the development trend of kitchen cabinet industry. In terms of the whole industry development and exploration, we continue to make our own contribution, especially in the aspect of quality system construction and the low carbon economy.


Post time: Dec-22-2016
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