Loading Container Shipped to North America

On 30th December 2016, the kitchen cabinets ordered by one of our clients in North America have been loaded into the container, 30CBM of the kitchen cabinets in total.


The client has come to our company to visit our showroom in July and chose stainless steel for both carcass and counter top of her kitchen cabinets, lacquer finish with MDF core for the door panel.


Why she chose stainless steel for her kitchen cabinets instead of wood? Because there are a lot of advantages of stainless steel for the kitchen cabinet when comparing with the wood cabinets. For example, zero-formaldehyde, water resistant, long usage time, etc.. The most important is zero-formaldehyde.


But when referring to stainless steel for kitchen cabinets, most of people will just think that there is only one color of stainless steel for the kitchen cabinet and it looks cold, and say “ I don’t like this metal color.” Actually, it is really unnecessary for customers to worry about this, because in our products series, there are still lots of color of stainless steel for customers to choose. Is it unimaginable for you? We can tell you that it is true.
Here are some stainless steel for kitchen cabinet door panels in our showroom, different colors, but the base material is stainless steel.zzz11

Do you still believe that there is only one stainless steel color for the door panel of kitchen cabinet? We have more colors for you to choose. Just feel free to contact us if you need more information.qqqq

Post time: Dec-31-2016
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