I won’t tell you what’re the standards of environmental kitchen cabinets

Today, the living standard of the people has improved, they’re more stringent requirements for the home environment. Especially the kitchen environment, as an important family space, the choice of kitchen cabinet products has become a top priority. Say concretely, a set of environmental health cabinet products should at least meet the following points.


First: Does not produce harmful substances to human body

The choice of materials is a big factor in determining the health of cabinets, the formaldehyde content of the product should be strictly controlled under the national standard. In general, zero formaldehyde, no radioactive material 304 stainless steel is very suitable for kitchen cabinet.

Second: The color without damage to vision

The kitchen cabinet style can have a great influence on the mood of the owner. Unified style can make owners feel comfortable, on the contrary, disorganized style no matter how high-grade products cannot bring people happy mood. At the same time, health cabinets have a high demand on the color, because color has a certain impact to the human psychology, therefore, we should carefully choose the color of cabinet. For example, some bright colors have a stimulating effect on the visual.


Third: Meet the standard of Ergonomic

A truly healthy cabinet should be as close and thoughtful as a servant, which requires not only the size of the cabinet must be consistent with the height of the human body, but also requires the details of the functional.

Fourth: with high security

Families with children usually pay more attention to the safety of kitchen cabinets. High safety cabinets should pay attention to some designs of details, such as the door closed tightly, the bearing of cabinet and so on.

Baineng kitchen cabinet use environmental performance high quality 304 stainless steel, creating a low carbon environmental protection products and a high quality life, believe that we’re your best choice!


Post time: Feb-28-2017
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