How to choice a kitchen cabinet for your house?

Kitchen is a part of a house, although the area is small, but it is the heart of home, and the cabinet is the soul of kitchen.

I believe that you also have a problem when you are going to order a set of kitchen cabinet for your house. There is various types of kitchen cabinet in the market, which one is more practical for you? Let me introduce you our stainless steel kitchen cabinet.

lacquer SS kitchen cabinet

1.Kitchen style: Modern? Or Classic? We can customized it according to your home style. Our professional designer has engaged in this field above 10 years, they can offer you professional design idea to make your kitchen perfect.

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2.Is it easy to clean and maintain?

As a hostess of a family, I do not only need to go to work, there are a bunch of chores waiting for me. I hope that I can quickly complete the housework, leaving more time to accompany the children. So it will be most popular if the kitchen cabinet is easy to clean and maintain.

The stainless steel kitchen cabinet is a good choice for you. The biggest advantage is waterproof and moisture proof. No need worry if the duster cloth is dry or wet. You can clean the dirt, stains easily on the smooth surface, and will not bleed because of the stainless steel sheet.


3. Is it easy to install?

It is easy to install though it is flat pack. Our cabinet is Tenon structure, that is means you don’t need any tools when you fix the cabinets.

Except the flat pack, we can offer assembled trial assembly service. Before packaging, we can install the door panel, drawers, and functional accessories for you, and pack it with security method. When you received the goods, just put the cabinets together and use screws to fix them, then put the countertop on.


4. How long is the service life?

You will gradually find that your wooden cabinet is slowly discoloration and deformation from the inside to outside after using 3 years. Stainless steel with it own unique advantage of non-defrmation, the primary stainless steel will not discolour. We guarantee 20 years service life.


5. What is the best price?

I think every customers would like to buy a quality products with good price.

I am sure to tell you we have both of them. Best factory price will offer to you. Besides,our stainless steel kitchen cabinet with another advantage of environmental protection.It doe not have any Substances that harm your health compared to traditional artificial wooden panels.

Hope above information will helpful to you, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Jul-10-2017
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