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Lacuqer Stainless Steel Sereis

Lacquer series is a most common products in the market. This high gloss kitchen cabinets base is mdf applied, particle board or plywood. Baineng developed lacquer painting in stainless steel and use it for kitchen cabinet door panel in the 2015. The door panel of this series are very colorful, which can be customized for different styles. The process of this new model kitchen cabinet is integrated stainless steel with lacquer painting on the surface (it can be made to both gloss and matt).

Below are product features for reference:

The door panel is the outer garment of the cabinet, which determines the grade of the whole cabinet. The platinum space board is processed in a completely closed and dust-free environment. The surface is electrophoretically processed to decompose the airborne paint in the paint tank, and then the steel plate is painted. The tank is rotated 360 degrees, and then baked at 240 °C to cure the paint layer.