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Acrylic Series

Modern style acrylic series kitchen cabinet is in good appearance fabricated by wooden kitchen cabinets factory production line. Behind the simplicity also reflects a modern "consumption view", focusing on the quality of life, health and fashion, reasonable and scientific consumption. Their philosophy of life, self and not selfish, simple and not empty, fashion and not extreme, simple and simple, only heart. So they are such pioneers. Simple is beautiful! The process of acrylic door panel is acrylic veneer mdf with PVC edge banding.

Below are product features for reference:

1. White cabinet door sales are good in global market, and many materials will be yellowish in white, and the failure rate is very high, such as: UV board, etc., and 100% pure acrylic door will not turn yellow when it is white.

2.100% pure acrylic hardness can reach 4H or more

3. The heat resistance of 100% pure acrylic is tested at a high temperature of 75 degrees - 90 degrees. There is no problem at low temperature, so you can be assured that it will not be affected by the weather.

4. The 100% pure acrylic material we choose is environmentally friendly and low carbon.

5. Acrylic door panel is safe and explosion-proof, lasting effect, anti-impact, waterproof, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, bright and lasting. The color is rich and crystal clear, the surface of the door panel is crystal-like and colorful, and the color is elegant and luxurious.